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CLIENT:                                Vault Collective     www.vaultcollective.com

PROJECT:                           + Social Media Graphics         +  Illustrations & Layout

                                                 + Infographics                            + Web Design / UX

                                                 + Typography                              + Icons

CONCENTRATION:       + Inbound Marketing        

The series of social media graphics act to engage Twitter and Facebook users, develop online brand identity  (youthful, accessible) and ultimately drive traffic to the website. 

The illustrations and layout for the "Build Your Own Website From Scratch" PDF Guide act to  provide a more digestible method of absorbing the information provided than written text alone. 

The web design and UX  (www.vaultcollective.com) included the creation of Booking Package graphics, Tool graphics, Gallery images for client portoflio work, Headshot photography (including mouse-in, mouse-out function), and more.

Click to view PDF Guide

Click to view PDF Guide