Pure cinema is complementary pieces of film put together, like notes of music make a melody.
— Alfred Hitchcock

Featuring footage from the films of Alfred Hitchcock spanning a period of 40 years, "Hitchcock's Women" attempts to shed new light on the ways in which Hitchcock presents women in his films. 

Inspired by Hitchcock's use of montage and  "pure cinema" (allowing the viewer to seamlessly find meaning in the moving image with the absence of dialogue) this film attempts to deconstruct the voyeuristic image of the female form in Hitchcock's films in order to highlight hidden female agency. 

THE MUSIC:  The footage is set to Jai Paul's 2011 "BTSTU,"  a pairing meant to  simultaneously exaggerate and put into question the meaning of the images that accompany them, both in tempo and in lyrics.

CONCENTRATION:      + Music       + Editing

                                                + Gender Portrayals